Farm Hoppers (case of 10)

Fill in the quantity for the Shipping Container / Animal Type and Colour you want.
Shipping Container:
 White Cow  Black Cow  Blue Cow  Pink Cow  Purple Cow  Red Cow  Brown Horse  Black Horse  Green Horse  Orange Horse  Pink Pig  Yellow Dog  Gray Rabbit  Unicorn  Moose

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A fun engaging bouncy toy for toddlers. Pump included.


You may mix together any combination of the above, provided a single order total meets these valid quantities:

  • 192 cases for Container 20' (10 Pallet)
  • 192 cases for Floor Loading 20'
  • 193-384 cases for Container 40' (22 Pallet)
  • 193-510 cases for Floor Loading 40'

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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1920



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The perfect bouncy gift for toddlers. Gift-boxed and complete with pump, They will keep your little one amused for hours – and wear them out for bedtime! 

Product (inflated):
55 X 29 X 39cm

Product Box:
33 X 13 X 24cm